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We just had to reject our first application because our anonymity rule was broken. Outside of them blatantly pointing out that the application belonged to them, it also appears that the person who this application belonged to went about messaging members of Tokio Bodies and asked for likes on their application.

We’re sure we don’t need to state our displeasure over this matter, but we will reiterate that we do not tolerate this sort of behavior and we will not hesitate to void an application and its notes as well as reject future applications if we so much as catch a whiff of this behavior from an applicant. This isn’t Myspace, so do not ask for notes.

It’s a damn shame to see simblrs that aren’t even members of TB being pestered in their inbox by this applicant as well and I apologize for that.

can I wife him

well, I mean, you wife’d me so he kinda comes with the territory

  plumb-bombs said:


Mr. Macnair will be schooling us over what makes him 100% Angus Beef

  • "Speaking of 100% Angus Beef, I have a cattle brand on one of my perk, round cheeks. Not an actual hot iron brand, yikes. I wouldn’t dare do that to my poor arse. No, I took the logical route; threw money at some chap to gaze upon my arse and tattoo a Flying-A.”
  • "My mum gifted me a mug for Christmas. It’s really quite a handsome mug. Little white porcelain thing with a wee aeroplane jetting off across it, leaving a trail of puffy, blue letters reading Mummy’s Boy. I bring it around to the pub every now and then because asking for a, “mug o’ beer,” sounds a bit rugged and masculine, like Nick Offerman.”
  • "I own a pair of Scruff briefs. Well, I nicked them off a bloke, but they’re really quite comfortable."
  • "I almost named my cat Mittens because I’m thoroughly unoriginal and he has mittens for paws. Then I figured that one of us ought to have a normal name so I dubbed him Phil.”
  • "Yes, I too play Flappy Bird while sitting on the toilet. It makes for some of the most intense and frustrating craps of my life."
  excuseleflaws said:
Where did you get those adidas slides from?

I absolutely love that I can finally force my lads to wear socks with flip flops!

× CC TESTING: Infisim’s Cargo Sweats


Graphics Details:

  • AWT HQ Mod Tool: 4096px, 512px texture size


Currently creating an uploading pictorial for tokiobodies and little Sho is my test subject for it :B

Widened poor Angus’ jaw. He was looking a bit like he was related to a horse.

I just got home and cries over all the cc I have to catch up on

I was called “Mexican Bulma” the other day, but I love my new hair color and cut!

P.S. I’m coming home late tomorrow night! My new simblr is all set up, I just gotta fix up all of my old retextures and catch up on the rest of my list.