∟Sanrio Themed Bodycon Dresses



I was even more of a silent Santa with you, deary, and I apologize! I did not forget about you! I remembered you mentioning that you liked all things kawaii and your tumblr pretty much reflected that! I was actually rattling my head forever over what to make, especially within that category, and this stroke of an idea has to be my favorite yet! Hello Kitty and the gang happen to be one of my favorite icons and they fall perfectly into the Kawaii category. I hope you enjoy these dresses as much I did making them! 

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday! Also, have a good romp around in the snow for me because omgimsojelly (I live in Florida orz)


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    Isn’t this the cutest?!!!
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    Oh my god - these are amazing! I love them!!!
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